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Friday, November 9, 2018

Omicron Starfighter

Mack Sztaba


Mac - Artstation

Michael Herm (Tecco Toys) Update

TeccoToys is a fresh toy brand focusing on the development of a 1/35 scale mecha action figure line. Join us on our journey and discover regular updates of work in progress as we share the evolution of our toy line.

TeccoToys on Instagram

For more of Micheal's work visit his Artstation page!


Michael is an incredibly talented industrial designer based in Austria. He is currently working on Star Citizen.

For more of Michael's work, visit his Artstation website

Friday, September 21, 2018

Welcome to VR Sketch-Guru Pablo Dominguez!!!

Pablo is a conceptual artist at ILM London. A healthy portion of his personal work involves various VR sketching and modeling programs.

Visit his portfolio for some really impressive work!

Say "Hi" to Finnian MacManus!

Finnian is a freelance conceptual illustrator for the film industry in the US and UK. Some of his recent projects include Rogue One, Pacific Rim Uprising and Solo.

Stop by his portfolio for more!