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Friday, July 1, 2016

VRILL speeder combat interceptor

vrill speeder combat interceptor, blo-42-fltr.  

anti gravity, emp quad dimensional commission bruiser, proboscis guided navigation. 

 this is one of the craft to the ip i have been developing:  

SOJOURN-a fight for survival.  

this speeder is built and retrofitted for each planet it is used on. mostly mars and earths moon (also has seen action in titan). it is designed to combat vrill type 3 and up (inner earth and off planet reptoid). it was built by lockheed martin the skunk works at the dulce base in new mexico, in a gravity chamber due to the weight. it was then moved to each planet via bismuth crystal jump room and assembled on site. because of its off earth commission there is no fossil fuels to be mined so the propulsion and power systems are created using multiple technologies. the anti gravity cores designed by TORR and DATTA after their public disappearance, are in some ways like a alternator, and distribute electromagnetism to samarium-cobalt, and neodymium-iron-boron magnet assemblies, they also act as a conduit that can pull electricity out of the atmosphere and works in conjunction with the atmospheric intake on bottom to charge the EMP function.the proboscis antenna on the front is a dowser rod that aligns the speeder to the ley lines of the planet it is on. this enables it to travel on these lines at hypersonic speeds without it using any onboard resources as well as rapid system charge. the vrill serum tank contains a magnetized serum that is produced by the vrills secondary vascular system. after the dulce wars many vrill were captured and bred on level 4 of the dulce base for the use of this serum. this model, blo-42-fltr carries a vrill serum tank with a charge shelf life of 3 months. other models in development would carry an onboard vrill that is synced up to the craft thus able to use its inter dimensional senses and abilities to its advantage. this newer technology will not be restrained to the 3 month shelf life. the vrill are inter dimensional and very fast, it is very difficult for human and human technology to react fast enough to combat this enemy. to combat this the skunk works developed the fluxuation modulation accelerator and dampener system combined with emp amplifier turbine. the fluxuation sail receptors may at first glance look like stabilizing rudders, however they are bismuth and vrill endocrine infused core plates in a neodymium-iron-boron housing. these fluxuation sails vibrate at a exponential rate to create a magnetic field and time warp dimensional flux. coated with a insulated technology developed by dunlop this is what enables it to not be effected by the time warp thus slowing down the vrill physically and with their mental abilities. as this system allow it to phase across dimensions it uses an emp converge amplifier turbine to open small black holes in this time warp. it can lock its target and project a black hole on that target, either to close the black hole and rip them apart, or project a black hole in the interior of the target and expand the space to explode from inside out. or to teleport via time warp back to the ducle base level 4 for vrill serum harvesting.

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