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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Say Hello to Alice Bruderer!

The “biomechs” is a general term encompassing a category of synthetic life forms often based around a vehicle origin (some more so than others.) There's a long story as to how these particular lifeforms were brought (“translated”) into our material plane of existence, though the vessels of various machines and forms of transportation in their inception – but it didn't take humanity long to figure out how to use these beings for their own purposes. “Biomech processors” and other parts from the originals can be spliced into man-made forms, and this strange form of machine life evolves at a breakneck pace in tandem with constant human intervention. It's no surprise that the most popular application of this tech ends up being military.

These examples stem from the “Post Earth” story setting I'm working on, where our Earth finds itself woven into what can be described as an inter-dimensional perforation, its surface and seas now populated with an odd hybridization of mechanical and organic life forms, whose balance allows for the planet's continued existence.

The humans in this setting have been set back technologically, but still manage to splice and recombine these beings for their purposes, some benign, others more sinister.

...the Maschinengeister (“machine spirits”), while not all are aggressive towards mankind, and their origins remain an enigma, these beings are now part of the new biomechnical ecosystem the Earth is interlaced with, and they are not always friendly.

They come in all shapes and visual incarnations, but the thing they share is that their existence is neither fully material, nor entirely ethereal. They are themselves inter-dimensional beings, their appearance in part defined by the “spacetime-history” of people and vehicles they are generated from. True ghosts of our past!

Alice Bruderer is a transportation designer currently working at Polaris Industries (powers ports vehicles! Motorcyles, ATVs, snowmobiles, etc) with an affinity for concept art and world-building.

Check out there rest of her wildly imaginative portfolio.

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