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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Maarten Hermans' MARV

"MARV" is a personal project revolving around the history and culture of the flying recreational vehicle, set in an alternate universe.

"Twenty-five years after the revolution in personal transport, sky-dwelling remained the ultimate adventure for countless souls. Young hearts, be free tonight."

"After frontman Johnny Righteous died, fans across the nation stopped brewing questionable liquor and joined together for a tribute flight in the bands signature touring vehicle, the BT Dorado. While the air filled with cheap white trash hunks of metal as far as the eye could see, it became apparent just how many Dorado's are around. This massive turn up went into history as "flight of the righteous" and it is said that the huge swarm caused an imbalance in the particle flight network, that the area is more unstable than your pubescent kid."

"So, what would you do if you were a country in the middle of post-war-prosperity? Invest in even bigger military projects... right?! A few years after the great war these "L.A.P." installations were built as an early defense system against enemy air raids. The installation generates a jolt that destabilizes the particle decompression flight field up to a 100 miles away. Cool, right? Well, the folks down south beg to differ. Why you ask? Well, let's just say that the idea of aircrafts losing control and crashing over their beautiful untouched landscapes and traditional villages wasn't received all that well. And we didn't even tell them about the radiation..."

"Who doesn't like cutting down a patch of native rainforest to create a first-response airbase specifically designed for P.D.E equipped vehicles? I know I surely don't. First response for what you might ask? I have no idea, and no one did, to be honest. Most of our daily effort went into not asking that question. Well, that and maintaining the grass on the bomber bay's slopes. The general liked his grass neat...."

"Patrolling the low fields became a task people would kill for. A nice breeze, a stable flight field...time for a quick smoke. Virtually no enemy activity; you'd almost feel like cruising in of those fancy resorts back in the South."

To follow the continuing story of MARV as it unfolds, stop by Maarten's ArtStation for updates!
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